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Most Expensive Android App

Developer: Dev.Masud

1. The Most Expensive Android Application / Widget2. This app will make an Badge appear in your phone and you will get a certificate that will help differentiate you from the ordinary folks3. This app is for those who want to have that most people cant have.4. This app is for those who want the world to know that they have the most expensive things in every category.TipsAfter installation go to your home screen(To go to home, press the home button in any screen)Long press on an empty spaceOrPress option button in lower fixed button panel OrPinch on an empty spaceNow select apps and widgetSearch for “Most Expensive Android Widget”Select your desired size and drag it to the page you likeDone!!Now show your friends that you have got the “Most Expensive Android Widget” and feel proudThis app is not for poor people. If you don't have enough money then don't look at this app.